Twitter News Production Day

Friday, November 10th 2017

Today we used Twitter to relay news stories and then published them on Storify.

I was given the gender pay gap as my topic as this year’s Equal Pay Day falls on November 10th.

This is my post on Storify:


News Production Day-27/10/2017

Catherine Lea, former business editor at the Hull Daily Mail, was guest editor for today’s news day. Unfortunately there was a poor turn-out and talks on the future of Hull College were taking place throughout the day.

I covered a story on Hamleys toy store opening in Prince’s Quay shopping centre. I heard that it was due to open on the radio so went along Thursday afternoon to take a look. They were still busy stocking shelves but the opening looked imminent. I went to the management office and asked for permission to film on Friday. Sarah Smith, Marketing and Customer Services Manager, said it would be okay.

On Friday, having signed in at the security desk, I went to try to talk to the store manager, Paula Patrick. Unfortunately, she was reluctant to be interviewed and would not give any comment regards Hamleys, the reasons for them choosing Hull or specific details about the store. She did not want me to question the staff but agreed to my taking photos and asking shoppers for feedback.

Placing myself just outside the entrance I questioned shoppers as they arrived and left the shop. People were not always willing to stop and talk. It was virtually impossible to get anybody to agree to be filmed. However, after some perseverance, I managed to get sufficient material.

Short interviews were conducted using the voice recorder on my phone. The quality was not very good and I should have checked this before I started. Photos taken on a Canon EOS 750D were of good quality.

The problems started when I returned to college and had to start editing the sound clips and photos. I am still not familiar with Macs and wasted a lot of time trying to figure things out. Danielle helped out by going through my audio and selecting the relevant clips. The technical details, difficulties embedding Soundcloud and re-sizing photographs delayed the publication of an article. I found it stressful and difficult to concentrate on the actual writing. Next time I will make sure I get the written article finished before adding the multi-media.

The finished article needs some tweaking!

First News Production Day

Friday 29 September 2017

The editorial meeting started at 9am with Paul Eliot acting Editor. This was to gather any thoughts or ideas for news stories and discuss what angles could be taken on these. We shared events/news that we  found around the Hull area. Everyone was given a specific story to cover before setting off on their individual research, then writing. (As Paul so elegantly explained later, it is better to come armed with a story you have already found, otherwise you will be allocated a “shit” one.)

I had attended a poetry reading on Thursday as part of the BBC’s “Contains Strong Language” poetry and spoken word festival. I was eager to write about the event as it was taking place throughout the weekend at various venues (Hull College being one of them). Intending to do the story on what people of Hull think about poetry a vox pop would have been appropriate. However, this would be more of a feature and not suited to Hull Central which focuses on news stories.

Whilst looking for a different angle Jackie mentioned that HSAD would be involved in the poetry festival that day.  A poem was to be painted in front of the building, coming out of the main entrance. I spoke to Dave Eccles, Graphic Design lecturer, who was in charge of the project and he told me a little more about the idea.

Unfortunately it didn’t look like the weather was going to permit the poem to be sprayed onto the concrete. Whilst this was being decided I tried to track down the poet, Isaiah Hull, who wrote the poem. I also did some research on his background. I spoke to his PR manager, Shirley May, but was unable to meet Isaiah who had a very busy schedule.

I decided to start to write up the event because even if it didn’t happen that day it would still be taking place. I didn’t leave myself much time for the actual writing part. When they eventually started to create the work I took numerous photos. This meant a lot of time spent editing and re-sizing  in order to post them on WordPress. Our deadline was for 2pm but the article I wrote and published was far from finished.

Paul and John edited our work which was published on the Hull Central website. We gathered to review the final stories.


As a first news production day I think that things went quite well. Everyone wrote a news story and there was some really positive feedback.

Time management and working to deadlines were my definite downfall. I wasted too much time focusing on the wrong thing. I was also pretty clueless as to where to begin and felt like we were definitely thrown in at the deep end. I could have been better prepared for this had I done more work experience.

I enjoyed the day, preferring a more hands on approach to learning. It was good to have the responsibility of going out and finding ways to source and tell a story. We are very fortunate that there is so much happening in Hull at the moment.