My name is Sally Brown and this is my first blog entry as a year one  student on the BA (Hons) Journalism and Digital Media course at Hull College. I am a mature student, returning to study with the view to  finding a career in Journalism (as opposed to the many jobs I have previously done).

This isn’t my first experience of Higher Education, I started studying towards a Psychology degree with The Open University. This later became an Open Degree as I found that the statistical side of Psychology was both time-consuming and laborious. I decided that an Open Degree would enable me to choose the subjects that I enjoyed and was good at.

Having chosen a Creative Writing module I re-kindled my love of both reading and writing. However, I realised that distance learning was not suitable for me. My major difficulty was time management and motivation. Also the lack of feedback and input from peers made it a very solitary way to study. I decided I needed to be in a classroom type of environment with more contact and a set study programme. Hence my decision to embark upon this course.

Weekly Reflection

The induction week is in the past and the first week of study just finished. So far I am enjoying the course and looking forward to the challenge ahead. We have been introduced to the modules we will be studying and also to assignments, which is rather daunting.

The course is very different to anything I have previously studied. I am more familiar with essay writing and academic studies. The practical, hands-on approach to learning ,the technology and digital media are all very new to me. Fortunately, I do have some basic computer skills and although it may take me a bit longer to grasp I’m sure I’ll get there!