Overall Evaluation of Work Experience

For my second year I completed the requisite two weeks of work experience with The Scarborough News and Beverley FM. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work within the newspaper print industry and  also in radio broadcasting.

During my time at The Scarborough News I was able to gain experience in working in a busy newsroom along with five of their main reporters. I worked on various features and events in the Scarborough area and had work published both in the newspaper and on their website.

On two occasions I went out with their photographer, Richard Ponter, who is now the sole photographer for all of the 5 newspapers published at The Scarborough News as well as for the Yorkshire Post. I felt privileged to spend time with him because he is a true professional and I learnt a lot from him. Most particularly the way he connects with people, quickly judges a situation, creates an image in his mind and then captures photos that bring a story to life. I found it refreshing to work with a photographer in an age where everyone clicks happily on their phones without even thinking about composition or the basic rules of photography.

I also went out on another project with the senior reporter, Poppy Kennedy. We interviewed several people involved in a housing project in Scarborough which is a huge construction, with shops, schools, care homes. The whole infrastructure which covers 400 acres of land is virtually a new town. This gave me an insight into how varied the role of a reporter can be. I enjoyed being given the opportunity to meet people in a very different setting.

Working at Beverley FM has given me the possibility of working in radio which is something that I had never previously considered. I did some work for them covering the Tour de Yorkshire, broadcasting live from Hornsea. I also did several interviews and recorded these for use on the radio.

I will be working at the radio over the summer on news stories for Beverley and the surrounding areas. I have sat in on various presenters to gain a feel of how it works and have been given the opportunity to present shows in the future. What is particularly exciting for me is that they are hoping to extend their coverage to the Hornsea area. They would like me to be involved in this project and want me to gather news stories from Hornsea and create local interest. They have also asked if I would be able to update their website which could be part of my project work for next year.

To summarise, I have found the work experience extremely rewarding and enjoyable. I have made new contacts, worked on the skills that I have learnt and also learnt new ones.


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