Evaluation of Proper Feature

For my proper feature I chose to focus on the current bank closures in the UK. It is a subject that has frequently been in the news headlines and something that affects many small communities.

I was invited to attend a coffee morning for pensioners which is held on Monday mornings in Hornsea. The guest speaker was Amanda Smith, the newly appointed NatWest Community Banker. She talked about the closure of the Hornsea branch and her role in giving support and guidance to its customers.

I had intended to do my short documentary film on the subject. Unfortunately it was extremely noisy and the footage that I took was not suitable. I therefore decided that this would be a good topic for  a feature story.

I took some of the quotations from the people I interviewed and put a question to the ‘Hornsea Rant and Info’ group on Facebook about people’s’ thoughts on the imminent bank closures in Hornsea. As you can imagine, I got a lot of response, some not printable, as the group has over 9,000 members which constitutes more than the Hornsea population.

I did further research into the bank closures to get statistical information to validate the story.

Although the story focuses on just one town, it is something that is happening in many other small towns across the UK so has a wider appeal. It could be published in he business section of a local newspaper such as The Yorkshire Post or in a weekend supplement of one of the larger papers such as The Guardian or The Observer.


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