Evaluation of TV Package

I found this part of the assignment quite challenging as I had been absent for some of the sessions. We touched on video in the first semester but this was very different. I read the notes that were sent out but missed some of the most important points.

This is particularly noticeable in my interview. The sound quality is not very good, there is too much background noise. When I conducted the interview I hadn’t been aware of this. I found the quietest spot in a very busy event hall. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an external microphone so the HD camcorder picked up all of the sound. I would have been better off using my phone because it has the option to eliminate background noise. I tried to edit the interview using Adobe Audition but the laborious process didn’t solve the problem.

I chose to do my report on the 6 month celebrations for the Hull City of Culture Volunteers 2017. The events were kept secret so I didn’t really know what to expect or who would attend. I knew that it was going to be an interesting afternoon and a fun story for a TV package.

I was able to interview Nicole Steel, the training and skills manager, who took time out to answer my questions. The interview was completely impromptu but I had previously heard Nicole give presentations so I knew she would come across well on camera. I wanted the report to be light-hearted and informal that is why I interviewed her in the big chair.

I also got some really good interviews from volunteers, unfortunately the background noise with the event film being played on a loop was deafening. Far from capturing the ambiance of the event it drowned everything out.

When I first looked at the footage I was disappointed because I felt that it didn’t do the event justice. I wanted it to be a positive portrayal of the Hull volunteers. It looked very unprofessional. Fortunately I had a lot of material to sort through. This made the editing process very long but I enjoyed that. I managed to come up with a TV package which was satisfactory for a first attempt. It proved to be a valuable learning process. Next time, I will familiarise myself with the equipment and make sure I am able to adapt to the surroundings.




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