Evaluation for sound assessment

I chose to base my radio story on a topic that has led to much debate. Whether or not free school dinners should be replaced by breakfasts in primary schools. I had planned on getting in touch with the headmistress at my local primary school for an interview. I prepared some questions that I would ask but did not want the interview to be too rigid. I wanted to keep it fairly informal.

However, I got the chance to interview Caron, a teaching assistant from Hull, who seemed to be a more relevant candidate; she also helps with the breakfast club at her school. The interview was more spur of the moment but I had an idea of what I wanted to ask. In some ways it comes across as more natural, although greater structure would have helped to improve the focus of the interview.

I found that I had to manipulate the piece of audio considerably to get three different cuts. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the creative process of the work. I know that it is not advisable to change the order of a recording but in this case I tried to use it to illustrate how it can be edited to suit a purpose. (Is that even ethical!!?)

I am quite satisfied with the quality of the sound. I had concerns about my inexpensive Chinese phone but it proved to be okay. The interview was in a room with little background noise and I did a test recording before starting the interview.  My interviewee gave some clear replies considering she had no idea what I would ask her.

Overall I enjoyed the assignment and it helped me to gain valuable experience. Next time I will have a more professional approach and be better prepared.



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