Community clean-up campaign to rid Hornsea beach of litter.

H Beach litter pick up

People in Hornsea are being invited to take part in a mass community clean-up of the town’s beaches this summer.

The popular beach spot is a favourite for tourists and residents, particularly in the summer months. But with the increase in visitor numbers there is also an increase in the quantity of litter being left strewn on the beach.

A group of residents are planning to tackle the issue head-on, with organised cleans-ups to take place on Sunday July 16th and Wednesday July 25th.

Mum of two Clare Harris, who planned the events, said, “I came to live in Hornsea five years ago and one of the first things that struck me was that the beach and sea-front were really clean. I’d like to keep it that way, it is everybody’s responsibility.”

Clare has organised the events on Facebook. She has set up a community page which coincides well with Zuckerberg’s recent unveiling of Facebook’s updated purpose: The importance of connecting people through “meaningful communities online which can also translate to the physical world”.

Clare summed this up: “Hopefully there can be a nice social side to these events as well because we are bringing the community together. I see a lot of people moaning online about the litter, so rather than just moaning I think we should do something positive about it.” Clare hopes the idea will catch on and become a regular activity.

Her incentive has had an extremely positive response, with many pledging to take part in the events. Since putting the word out about the clean-up she has been offered support from Tesco who will donate bottled water, bin bags and gloves. The town council will help by providing litter pickers and equipment. They have also assured the disposal of the collected rubbish.

Members of the Hornsea Inshore Rescue team have promised to join the litter clearing group. Chairman, Sue Hickson-Moray said, ” We think this is a great idea and we look forward to getting involved. It will help to make Hornsea nicer for those who live here. Maybe it will make the people who drop litter  feel guilty with all of these good people getting together to clear it up.”

Recent surveys have shown that there are almost 160 plastic bottles for every mile of UK shoreline and that tackling littering is serious business but that doesn’t mean that beach clean-ups can’t be fun.


Debris left from a BBQ on Hornsea beach and plastic washed up on the shore.

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