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Three Par Cue 1

Theresa May pledges to  scrap free lunches for primary school pupils in favour of providing free breakfasts.

Under the current system all children in the first three years of school get a hot meal at lunchtime.

Caron Mincke, a primary school teaching assistant based in Hull, voices her concerns.

Three Par Cue 2

The Tories plan to scrap free hot school dinners for children has been met with criticism.

Theresa May has been dubbed the “Lunch Snatcher”- reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher’s cancelling of free school milk.

Carol Mincke, a teaching assistant, explains how May’s decision will impact pupils at her primary school in Hull.

Donut Wrap

As part of the Conservative Party manifesto Theresa May proposes to  end free school lunches.

Free hot dinners for children in the first three years of school will be replaced by free breakfasts for all.

Sally Brown reports:

Theresa May’s decision to scrap free school dinners for all those under 7 years old will have consequences for all families.

Under the ‘free breakfast for all’ scheme families on very low-income and who receive benefits will be better off.

Their children will, effectively, receive 2 free meals a day but in some schools this is already the case:

It is clear that the most disadvantaged children will get two meals a day rather than one.

However, around 900 000 children from low-income families will lose their eligibility for free school meals under these proposals.


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