Research and Initial Ideas for Photoshop Project

I started the project by looking at business card examples. I found some great ideas on Pinterest and but they didn’t really suit my purpose. I decided that from a journalistic point of view a minimalistic approach was better suited. This would also be more representative of my personality.

These are a few simple designs that I liked:

business card ideas

There are so many designs out there that I got a bit bogged down and I finally realised that for this to be my own personal branding I needed to create something from scratch.


I had no idea where to start in designing a logo so I messed about with Adobe Illustrator with little success.

crap logo

I looked at other brand logos with the initials SAB.

Screenshot (11)

I then worked on a logo using my initials, separating the individual letters in layers so that I could modify them in Adobe Illustrator to then use in Photoshop. My limited knowledge of both programmes meant that it was a laborious process which involved a lot of YouTube tutorials and learning by trial and error.

I eventually came up with the following:

Illustrator layers



I experimented with the fonts that were available on Photoshop but, despite the extensive range, I didn’t find one that I liked. I eventually narrowed it down to 3 fonts that I downloaded from Behance; Coco Gothic, Aqua Grotesque and Coves. They all appear to be very similar but look quite different depending on the font style.



I chose Coves Bold for both the logo and lettering throughout to create uniformity.

For the colours my obvious choice were shades of blue as this is my favourite colour. I also took into consideration the psychology of colours and that “ Blue is the most universally favored color of all and therefore the safest to use. It relates to trust, honesty and dependability, therefore helping to build customer loyalty.” (taken from

Screenshot (12)


The creative process continued when using my designs for a business card, Facebook page and letterhead.

This was my initial business card design but I decided that it did not look at all professional and would probably be more suited to a children’s story writer.

I took inspiration from Saudi Alliance Brokers when thinking about creating a branding presence with fluidity and consitency.

conpany brandingSAB logo

I used identical fonts and colour themes for all aspects of my personal branding. The logos I used for my contact details are similar on both my business card and letter footer.

Back of business card logosLetter copy

I adapted the design slighty to fit in to a banner for my Facebook page but the theme remains the same.

FB banner



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