Evaluation for Mojo

I chose to write about the smoking ban in Hull and East Riding Hospitals, namely Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill. It was an interesting story as it has caused a lot of controversy. I visited both sites to try to get some film and interviews. This proved to be a lot more difficult than I expected. People were not happy about being recorded or filmed.

Outside the entrance to Castle Hill, but still within the grounds, I managed to interview an elderly lady who had come out for a smoke. The quality of the recording wasn’t very good as we were standing in the rain. However, I think the recording adds to the story because it illustrates how people are ignoring the ban and also shows conflicting views.

The short film footage that I managed to take on my mobile phone was an important lesson for me. I was approached by one of the security guards and asked to stop filming. What was even more interesting was that he asked me to leave before he approached the people who were smoking.

I was not sure if I would be able to show this footage so I blurred out the faces to avoid any problems. Also I feel that it adds some irony to the article as the people I filmed smoking were mainly staff.

The article could be used for a local website such as the Hull Daily Mail because of the location. Although a link I added is a general NHS guidance addressing all UK NHS Trusts. Comments taken from Facebook were also aimed at other hospitals so this story would have a wider appeal. The audience demographic is also very wide-ranging as it is an issue that affects so many; both smokers, non-smokers, staff, patients, visitors, old and young alike.




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