No smoking

Smoking at Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital has been banned completely. Patients, visitors and staff are not allowed to smoke in the hospitals’ buildings, grounds or car-parks.

The shelter at the entrance to Hull Royal Infirmary has been removed to discourage smokers from gathering there.

Free nicotine replacement is offered to patients who smoke throughout their hospital stay.

Security staff are enforcing the policy by kindly asking smokers to extinguish cigarettes or to move off the hospital site completely.

The ban is causing much controversy and mixed opinions.

smoking ban

Some smokers choose to ignore the ban, especially in adverse weather conditions:

There has been furhter controversy following the decision to allow patients to use e-cigarettes in hospital grounds but not the staff.

An NHS trust spokeswoman said: “The decision not to allow staff to vape on hospital premises was taken in order to maintain a professional image for the Trust and the people who represent it.

“Staff are required to go off site if they wish to vape. Alternatively, staff are able to access other alternatives to smoking, such as patches or gum, with the help of the Stop Smoking Team.”

OUTLAWED: Staff at Hull Royal Infirmary, inset, and Castle Hill Hospital are banned from using e-cigarettes


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