Radio Wrap

A radio wrap is a very simple package, in that it includes a script, written and recorded by a reporter and will feature a clip of audio, taken from an interview with someone else. The clip is fitted into the middle of the script, so in effect, the reporter ‘wraps’ their voice around the audio clip.

I took an interview that I had done on the riots in Rotterdam with a Dutch national. I edited the interview to a 22 seconds clip using Audacity and wrote a three par cue and ending. I then recorded my introduction and summary, then added it to the clip to make a wrap for radio.

In order to post it to this blog I published it on Soundcloud and used the embed code.

I did a second interview on Brexit with a retired gentleman from Hornsea. I used the audio recorder on my phone which records in MPEG-4 format so I then had to convert the files to WAV in order to edit with Audacity.

From the interview I produced the following wrap:

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