News writing for radio.

Some ponts to consider when producing news stories for radio:

  • needs to be clear, concise and simple
  • will only go out once
  • top line- summary in one-line to catch attention. Needs to be engaging, catchy, interesting and informative.
  • Pub door test- imagine walking into a pub, “hey everyone, guess what…” and all heads are turned on you and listening.
  • Mini ‘Hey’-2nd most interesting fact
  • 3rd leads into interview
  • Never assume that people know the story- Ibiza test-they’ve just come back from holidays
  • Cornflake test- makes someone stop in the middle of eating their favourite breakfast cereal.
  • KISS-keep it simple stupid
  • 3 par cue-Hey, Mini Hey, Cue
  • Wrap or donut -reporter, clip, reporter
  • Pegs and Hooks-making an old story relevant. change top line , maybe new stats have come out. Fresh line. Story continues to unfold.



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