Joseph Pulitzer (1847–1911)

Newspapers were ultimately for the elite as not all people could read. Joseph Pulitzer changed this.

Hungarian origin. Was born in Mako, Hungary on April 10, 1847, the son of a wealthy grain merchant of Magyar-Jewish origin and a German mother who was a devout Roman Catholic.

›At 17 tried to become a soldier. He ›tried  to enlist in the Austrian Army, French Foreign Legion and the British Army in India but was rebuffed because of weak eyesight and frail health

Started to become a newspaper publisher in the States

Studied English and Law

At the age of 25 he became owner of the St Louis Post Dispatch

Became renowned for making sure that the paper was the people’s champion. voice of the people. Did many exposes on public figures and issues. Exposing fraud, government corruption, wealthy tax-dodgers, and gamblers. Newspapers to become accessible for all.

Took over the New York World

He started many different styles in newspaper stories.Introduced comic strips for those who couldn’t read and large images. The picture tells the story. Sports sections and supplements and women’s fashion even before women had the vote.

“Yellow Journalism” sensationalism, fake news, eye-catching

Public interest supporting immigrants and impoverished

›Championing working class

›Exposing corruption

›Holding officials to account

Funded the Columbia Journalism school

Pulitzer Prize


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