Photoshop Lesson 3

Working with selections

In the third lesson we looked at using different selection tools to move, reposition, rotate and duplicate specific areas of an image.

We used keyboard and mouse combinations to save time and the arrow keys to adjust the position of a selected area. We also learnt how to erase pixels within a selection.

This was the starting image, the shells had to be selected and placed onto the plate:


The following tools were used:

Quick Selection Tool– expands outward from where you click to automatically find and follow defined edges in the image.Simply click on the image near the outside edge and the tool finds the full edge automatically. Remains selected, use move tool to move to desired area.

Elliptical Marquee Tool– move pointer diagonally to create selection. (or start form a central point ) Continue to hold the mouse button and press the space bar to move the selection.  With EM selected press Ctrl to move and cut from current location. You can also move the selected area using the arrow keys, to move by 10 pixels at a time hold down Shift key at the same time.

Image>Adjustments >Invert- image becomes a colour negative of itself.

Move tool +Alt moves and duplicates the selected image. Edit>Transform>Scale to resize.

Magic Wand Tool– selects part of an image based on the similarity in colour of adjacent pixels, it is useful for selecting odd-shaped areas that share a specific range of colours. First use the rectangular Marquee tool to draw round the image. In the options bar Tolerance value=32 Subtract From Selection button selected. Touch area inside rectangle.The entire background is subtracted to leave the image selected.

Lasso Tools-these are more difficult to use as it involves drawing round the image. Many designers use touch screens to use pen to trace round image. Use the Lasso tool to start tracing the edge press Alt and release mouse to change to Polygonal Lasso click along to place anchor points which then become straight lines. The Magnetic Lasso tool enables you to trace along the outline without holding the mouse button pressed.

Edit>Transform>Rotate to rotate an image

Crop image to required using crop tool and Commit Current Crop Operation button in Options bar. If scrap of background colour left over use rectangular select and Eraser Tool, changing pixels for brush size .

The finished image looks like this:


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