Live Blogging

Live blogging is a useful tool for reporting news as it happens for example :

Football/Sports reports

Live News

Breaking News

24 Liveblog is an easy to use liveblogging platform

I looked at examples of live blogs and found the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc) as an interesting event to cover. The Mont Blanc Ultra Trail is a yearly event starting and finishing in Chamonix, French Alps. It is a grueling mountain trail running event which attracts the world’s elite .

Here’s what the Guardian says about the event

I chose the 2016 event as an example of a successful live blog. It works well as it includes  live Twitter feed and Instagram posts as well as the latest news and the competition as it is happening.

The visual content is prominent with photos of the participants in various stages on the race. The expression on the runners’ faces highlighting the physical endurance necessary .

There is also a lot of video content to engage the viewer. It is highly immersive and feels like you are almost part of the action. Interviews and posts from other bloggers add to the content. It is a great human interest blog with engaging content.

Other examples of live blogs:



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