Here are a few points to consider when doing short interviews :

An interview lasting around 4 minutes will probably only give a radio cut of between 20-30 seconds.

  • They need to be precise and easily digestible.
  • Start and end on a strong note. Come to a natural ending.
  • Can edit out some of the erhs urhms but not too much, keep it real.
  • 2 clips can be joined and answers bulked together
  • Can often use one interview for multiple cuts/different stories.
  • May remove things but don’t jumble the order this can lead to misrepresentation of what has been said.

Short interviews are often used in the form of a ‘wrap’ or ‘donut’ which is reporter/clip/reporter.

We used our phones to do short interviews. I used the voice recorder on my Samsung S7. The sound quality is good and the app easier to use than Audio Boom. I interviewed an artist on the street in Hull who was working on an oil painting of St. Mary’s Church. I hadn’t prepared the interview, it was completely impromptu.

Unfortunately, because of the location the background noise ruined the recording. I should have thought to switch to interview mode on my phone before starting. However. I was lucky because the interviewee, Mark Rodgers, had  a lot to say and needed no prompting. It also gave me time to prepare for the questions I would ask. I got an extremely entertaining interview!

The programme we used to edit the recording is Audacity which is fairly straightforward. It must be ‘idiot proof’ or ‘Sally proof’ as my colleagues termed it because I managed to get the work done and produced a short clip in the lesson.

It was a smaller group in this session and  we got quite a lot done. It was also easier to share our work and give and get some critical appraisal.


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