Professional Branding

In Design we looked at branding with a view to creating our own professional brand. In order to get an idea of how journalists have achieved this I looked at  several different approaches.

Here are 2 strikingly different perspectives :

Photojournalist Erika Larsen has opted for a minimalistic style. I think this says a lot about her personality. The attention is on her photography and work and not about herself.

She does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. I found only her website and Instagram account.

In an interview with Jim Colton he described her work, “Your portraits and your stories have a quiet elegance to them….not a lot of extraneous elements…clean, simple and powerful” which pretty much sums up her style of ‘branding’.


In contrast is Melanie Deziel who studied Journalism at Uconn, University College Connecticut and then Arts Journalism/Editing at Syracuse University. She is now “an award-winning branded content strategist and consultant” specialising in native advertising.

I think this basically means she knows what she is doing when it comes to professional branding. This can be seen immediately as a Google search takes you straight to all of her social media links.

Everything that we discussed regarding consistency, awareness, trust, perception and reputation is achieved through her branding.

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