Photoshop Lesson 2

Basic Photo Corrections

In the second lesson of Photoshop we learnt :

Resolution is the number of small squares, pixels, that describe an image and establish its detail. Measured in ppi (pixels per inch) for images and monitors or dpi (ink dots per inch) in print.

N.B. the higher the image resolution the larger the file size.

The white balance tool in Camera Raw mode can be used to adjust the color tone of an image. It can then be fine tuned by using the sliders.

The Crop tool is used to trim, scale or straighten an image.

Colour replacement tool paints over one colour with another.

The Sponge tool makes subtle saturation changes to specific areas of an image.

The Clone Stamp tool uses the pixels from one area of an image to replace the pixels in another part. You can remove unwanted objects and fill empty areas. i.e. useful where original photos have been damaged.

The Spot Healing Brush tool removes blemishes and imperfections from an image. It automatically samples from around the surrounding area.

Content aware tools  enables you to fill any selection with content similar to the content around it. The Patch tool makes it easier to do by drawing around the affected area.

Unsharp Mask filter is a technique used to sharpen the edges in an image and correct blurring. Experiment to determine what works best for your image. Filter>Sharpen> Unsharp Mask. Drag Amount, Radius and Threshold sliders to adjust.

For 4 Colour printing have to save the image  in CMYK colour code. Image> Mode> CYMK colour.

Photoshop (PSD) files are compatible with Indesign. Other layouts may need to be saved as TIFF file.(select PC or Mac in save options).


Converting a colour image to black and white with or without a tint.

Photoshop : Adjustments panel, Black &White button, adjust sliders or presets i.e. Darker or Infrared. To add tint select tint and click the colour swatch.

Camera Raw : HSL/Greyscale tab, adjust colour sliders in Hue, Saturation and Luminance.





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