Bowhead Project

This was my finished draft for the Bowhead project on InDesign


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I spent a lot of time on this project starting from an initial viewing of the 3D animation. I returned to Hull Maritime Museum later and was fortunate to have the theatre to myself. I was able to take numerous photos, which I later edited using IrfanView.(it will be interesting to re-edit the images using Photoshop in the future).

I found using InDesign very difficult as I had to re-learn the basics. I now realise the only way to become proficient in this programme is to use it and play about with it as much as possible.

Screen shots of some of my original ideas

I changed the font several times before deciding on Trajan Pro 3 bold. I also experimented with various colours, layouts and different photos.

I am fairly pleased with the end result although it needs more work. I was worried that the quality of the photos would not be good enough in print. They turned out better than I expected but there is room for improvement. The text needs aligning properly. I didn’t check this before printing it out.

To summarise, for a first attempt, it is satisfactory. When I opened InDesign to start the project I sat before a blank screen thinking ‘what do I do now’. (Thank god for Google search and group chat!) However, I persevered and managed to produce a decent piece of work. I actually enjoyed the challenge of this project. Although frustrating at times, InDesign is a useful programme to learn.



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