Periscope is Twitter’s live video product.

Viewers can interact with you by sending messages that appear instantly on the screen, as you broadcast, and which are visible to you and everyone watching.

They can also show their appreciation by clicking to send a like.

You get instant feedback on what you are broadcasting and, if you choose, you can alter what you do, or incorporate suggestions made in comments, in what you broadcast.

It brings great immediacy to your broadcasting. Your broadcast will stay live for 24 hours only, but you can save the footage and audio you have created to re-use later.

Points to remember

  • Make sure you have ‘Autosave the broadcast’ on, so that your video is saved.
  • You don’t want incoming notifications interrupting. Switch on ‘Do not disturb’.
  • You can switch to the front-facing camera at any point, by double-tapping the screen.
  • Try to stay steady
  • Keep the commentary going-repeat the who what when where why and how at regular intervals so joiners know what’s going on.
  • Movement is good-experience things as they happen.
  • Keep Up, be quick and versatile-you’re trying to get a good shot, keep people up to date, interview people and think about questions coming in from viewers.
  • Remember to save your stream.


“Periscope was founded on the belief that live video is a powerful source of truth and connects us in an authentic way with the world around us. We are fascinated by the idea of discovering the world through someone else’s eyes…

While there are many ways to discover events, movements and places, we realized there is no better way to experience something than through live video. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video lets us explore the world together.”(


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