Semester 2-reflection on first session

We discussed an article which appeared in ‘The Sun’ on 1st February 2017, entitled “£500k Health Tourist. Quads mum jets in for NHS care.” The article concerned a Nigerian woman who gave birth to quadruplets in the UK, but later lost two of them. She was to give birth in America, was turned back, then had contractions in Heathrow Airport on her way back to Nigeria. However, The Sun report fails to highlight these facts, focusing on the cost of the treatment and the fact that she is a foreign citizen. Nothing is mentioned of the poor women’s plight, she is almost being branded a criminal.

The general overall opinion among the group was that the news report was shocking; a heavily biased and bigoted report with no concern for the welfare of mother and infants. It clearly indicates the stance of ‘The Sun’ on matters such as immigration and the rights of foreign citizens in the UK.

Personally, no matter what stance the newspaper I was writing for took, I would not compromise my own personal ethics to write such a story. We discussed this as a group and most of my peers said they would write what is asked of them for the money. Maybe, had I been younger and just starting out in a career in Journalism I would think differently. However, I can truthfully say that I would leave the money and stay clear of any news publisher prepared to write such blatant garbage.

Reflection on Photojournalist Presentations

The second part of the lesson involved our presentations on 2 photojournalists we found inspiring. It enabled us to discover many different photojournalists, to give an insight into their work without having to research all of them. Allowing  us to compare and contrast differing approaches to photojournalism.

As always, it is interesting to share our thoughts and opinions. In light of the assignment we have for this semester, this session proved useful and highlighted some important points to consider. Notably, the composition of photographs and the style/thought process of the photographer.

Had I realised that we would be presenting our work  in front of the class I would have taken more time to reflect on my chosen subjects and their work. It is all very well saying that you like something but being able to express why and critically analyse a piece of work is fundamental.

I was actually more nervous speaking informally than I had been for my previous CATS presentation. I can’t really understand why, I suppose it could have been because I had not been prepared. Nevertheless, I do not think public speaking will ever be my forte.




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