Colour Theory and Typography Presentation

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Slide 17 is a short video on YouTube: ” A Lesson on Typography”



Overall, as my second ever presentation, it was satisfactory in that it illustrated that I have understood the basics of colour theory and typography. The constructive criticism was useful. I realised that I had made a big mistake by using  coloured fonts on the same coloured background. When looking at the presentation on a laptop or PC it is fairly legible but, for a presentation, this does not work. I have left the presentation unchanged but will take this into consideration in the future.

Once again I left things until the last minute. If I had taken more time I would have created a presentation from a more personal perspective. Illustrating what colours and typography represent for me. I am interested in the psychology behind the theory; how different colours, fonts and typeface communicate different messages. It also intrigues me how these messages are picked up both consciously and subconsciously. Is the recognition of colours an innate sense we are born with or is it learned?

It has been suggested that women recognise colours better, whereas men are quicker to see moving objects. This stems from the evolution of humans as hunter-gatherers. Men acquiring the ability to spot moving animals in order to hunt. Women recognising the colour of food, such as berries, that they gather  and the slight colour differences between poisonous, edible, ripe or unripe foods. It would be interesting to see if this theory still holds true today.

To conclude, although I find presentations rather daunting, it is really interesting and useful to share ideas with my peers. Every presentation was unique and added to my understanding of the subject matter. They also gave me a lot of things to consider for future projects.


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