Social Media Strategy

I have only recently got my blog up and running so my first task will be to build a community. I will start by targeting people I know, posting my blog on Facebook for friends to like, share and comment. I have added social media links to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest on my blog because these are the 3 that I use the most myself. Facebook and Twitter are the  obvious choice because they have the most users.

Everybody I email, tweet and chat with is a potential member of my blog. Eventually, my community will include potential readers and people who know my potential readers. On Wix I have used ‘ShoutOut’ to promote my blog. This has enabled me to send an e-mail to all of my contacts announcing the launch of my new blog. There is also a sidebar on Wix to improve SEO.

I have joined Buffer which will allow me not only to share my posts on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest but also to schedule the time and date they are posted. This will be helpful in that I will be able to write the posts at any time of the day but then schedule them to be posted at the times when there is the most traffic on social media, notably in the evening when people are home.

I aim to build my following with people who follow me on other channels. This includes anyone that follows or visits my blog. In order to build my Twitter followers I will start to follow others who are similar to me and have interests in common. Through retweeting and commenting on other users I hope to gain attention. By using Twitter Search and Followerwonk I will look for people of medium to high-profile that share the same target community as me. Look at their follower counts. These followers are the people who I want to follow my Twitter account.

Although, as yet, I am not very familiar with using hashtags I can understand their importance. By using relevant hashtags my target community members are more likely to follow or be interested in my posts. This is a strategy I intend to work on.

I have also joined Pinterest which is the fifth largest social network, with over 100 million users. It is another social network that can be a place for me to build an audience and to promote my blog content. Pinterest is also a  place where I can bookmark or pin things that I find interesting, unique and reflect my expressive style.

At the moment I only have a few followers and likes on Facebook but through these strategies I hope to build up my audience and create a community of followers.



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