Reflection on Photographic Essay

I am pleased with the overall outcome of my Photographic Essay. I think that the photos are an accurate representation of the theme I chose, “Hornsea-a peaceful haven by the sea”. The photos are perhaps not technically precise but, whilst capturing single moments, I hope they reflect the notion of impermanence.  The sea as continually changing and yet a constant presence.

If I were to change certain aspects I would spend more time experimenting with different angles. I would also use a tripod to stabilise images and to take photos with a slower shutter speed to create a different effect. I tried to use a fast shutter speed to illustrate the movement of waves. Lowering  the aperture gave a greater depth of field to some of my images.

I spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into my project. Trying to keep the compositional rules in mind when shooting.  I chose to photograph the beach and the sea because it is special to me. I can not imagine living anywhere far from the sea. I hope my love of the ocean comes through in my photos.

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the photography module of Creative Futures. I have  discovered a new passion for photography and will definitely continue and hopefully improve in the future.


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