News Story-Reflection

For my news story I chose to cover the approval of a new skate park in Hornsea. The issue has been much talked about round the town. There was opposition to the renewal of the skate park on the current location. People living in proximity complained about the noise.

I went to look at the skate park to see what state the ramps were in and saw that it is in dire need of improvement. I spoke to some of the skaters who said that “if we don’t get it done we are going to be riding the streets on our scooters”.

Details of a  meeting to discuss the proposals for a new skate park were posted at Hornsea Town Hall. I was unable to attend but accessed the minutes of the meeting via the Hornsea Town Council web site. I went to speak with Lorraine Lyles who attended the meeting and is involved in the project. She added me to the Hornsea Skate Park User Group on Facebook where I found more information for my article.

I also spoke to Andy Dunn, the manager of Tesco, Hornsea. He confirmed Lorraine’s statement about funding from the store through the Community Scheme.

The article would be suitable for a publication like the ‘Hull Daily Mail’ or ‘The Holderness Gazette’. It is a local news story and of interest to residents of Hornsea and the surrounding area. The park is also used by visitors, in particular the people who own caravans in Hornsea, many come from West Yorkshire. For this reason, it could also be published in the ‘Yorkshire Post’.

The story is aimed at a wide audience, the young; skate park users and local youths but also anyone interested in local affairs, which could be any age.



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