News Story-Event, Reflection

The New year’s Day charity swim in Hornsea attracted my attention because many years ago I participated in the event. Although back then it wasn’t an organised affair, just a bit of fun. The terrible weather conditions on the day peaked my interest further as I was keen to see if people would still turn up for the swim.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the car park full of cars when I arrived. A lot of people had come, both as spectators and participants. I spoke to some of the volunteers, who were collecting donations and organising hot drinks for everybody. I was also fortunate to witness the warm up of participants in the Boat House beforehand. Managing to get in before they shut the doors. The atmosphere in there was amazing, a real sense of team spirit and camaraderie.

I interviewed some of the participants and included quotations from ladies who had come from out of town to show that the event was not just for local residents. I also spoke to spectators and read comments later posted on Facebook.

The photos that I took of the event, highlight its success as  a fun event enjoyed by all.

As a local interest story the article would be suitable for the ‘ Hull Daily Mail’. However, on a national and even international level there are New Year’s Day swims taking place all around the world so it could be part of an article focusing on many of these events worldwide.

The ‘feel good’ nature of the story makes it appealing to all ages.

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