News Story-Reflection

The digital article I wrote concentrates on the burglaries of e-cigarettes and PC equipment in Hornsea. It is aimed at a local audience and would suit a publication such as ‘The Hull Daily Mail’ as it specializes in local human interest stories. ‘The Bridlington Free Press’ would also be  good choice as it often publishes articles on Hornsea and there have been a similar spate of burglaries in both Bridlington and Driffield.

I came across the story of the break in via a friend, her son is the owner of the shop. I went along to talk to Robert his employee. In doing so I also uncovered another story about a series of break-ins in Hornsea. Robert informed me of the businesses that had been targeted. I visited each one and managed to obtain recorded interviews from 2 of them. I also took photos to accompany the story.

The target audience is young people as they have more interest in everything that is digital. Probably, more male orientated because of the subject matter (although statistically the consumption of e-cigarettes in the UK is higher in women) It is for this reason that I have kept the text minimal and included inter-active media. Far more viewers are likely to consume media on the go so it is important to add visuals, such as video clips that can be accessed via mobile phone. I have included an inter-active map to make the story more credible and interesting.


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