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New Skate Park for Hornsea

The existing skate park in Hall Garth Park, Hornsea

Plans for a new skate park in Hornsea, to be built on the existing site, have been approved by the Hornsea Town Council. A meeting was held to discuss the proposals on  Wednesday 23rd November 2016 at 7pm, Hornsea Town Hall. The meeting was presided by Hornsea Mayor, Councillor Lee Walton and  Ward Councillor John Whittle . It was attended by members of the Hornsea Skate Park User Group and parents of skaters.

The minutes of the meeting state that, “The Chairman advised that the recent consultation gave a vote of approval for replacing the skate park…The Town Council accepted the results of the consultation and approved rebuilding on the existing base.”

Work will begin on the new skate park as soon as funding is obtained.

The Town Council has identified the availability of £137,000 in grant money. An application to the Ward Councillors asking them to approve the grant money needs to be submitted before funds will be issued. The Mayor, Lee Walton stated, “I can’t stress how important it is for everyone to write to the two councillors.. they are in control of the money”.

The total figure for the funding will be in the region of £170,000.

Loraine Lyles, mother of a skater, is employed by Tesco and proposed that partial funds could be made “bag packing at Tesco”. She has discussed the project with the store manager, Andy Dunn.

“We have applied for funding through Tesco’s Community Fund, which we will probably receive because it centers on ground work which is what the user group is all about.”

Each Tesco UK store holds a community donation budget to help support with requests from their community for local fundraising events. Andy Dunn said that the Hornsea store views the project “enthusiastically” and will “support an application to use the ‘carrier bag’ fund”.

Professional skateboarder Paul Regan, who is also the director of Skateboard England ( a non-profit organisation that is the national governing body of skateboarding in England & Wales) has offered to work with the Council on a new design for Hornsea Skate Park. Paul, who previously lived in Hornsea, was one of a teenager group who were instrumental in setting up the original Skate Park, 16 years ago.

The optimistic guess for the earliest opening of the new skate park is Autumn 2017.


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