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Witless thief attempts to sell stolen goods on Facebook

East Coast Vapes, Willows Drive, Hornsea, was broken into and burgled between 4pm on Saturday 12 November and 7.40am on Monday 14 November, 2016.

Humberside Police appealed for witnesses.

However, further intervention from the police was not needed. The thieves were caught, through their own stupidity, by trying to sell the e-vapes on Facebook.

Robert Bemrose, employee at East Coast Vapes, explained what happened.

The e-liquids were easy to identify as they came from a specialist supplier in Bradford and were a distinctive brand.


Karl Sheard, the proprietor, found the stolen goods advertised  on a popular Hull vaping group page on Facebook. He managed to recover some of the goods although expensive e-starter kits had been sold on. He said he did not wish to press charges.

The robbery was not connected to a spate of recent burglaries in Hornsea.

On the evening of the 22nd November, 2016 several shops in the town centre were the target of burglaries and attempted break-ins. Karl’s PC  Repairs, in Newbegin, Hornsea was the hardest hit. Thieves forced the door, stole hundreds of pounds worth of computer supplies and trashed the shop.

The culprits have  been identified and apprehended by the police. However, the cost of repairs to the shop have been substantial. Customer’s mobile phones and laptops, in the shop for repair, have not been recuperated.

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