Professional Blog Evaluation

I have agonised over writing my professional blog and, to be honest, it has been the only part of the course that I did not want to do. I struggled to find a subject for the blog, let alone a niche market. Unlike, my peers, apart from Winter sports, I do not have a great passion for anything that would incite me to write. There is no subject that I am particularly knowledgeable enough to offer my expertise. Maybe that was where I was stalling. I spent too much time over thinking instead of just writing.

I finally decided on writing a blog about Alzheimer’s disease because of the connection with my Mother. Her death has made me re-think this idea. I would like to be one of those selfless people who do things to help others, but I do not think I could do the subject justice. Anyway, I have finally bitten the bullet and set up my first blog.

It took a lot of convincing but I looked at the following reasons for writing a blog and not ‘because you have to do it as part of this course’.

  •  become a better writer
  • become a better thinker
  • organisational skills
  • it will serve as a personal journal
  • I might actually enjoy it
  • It’s free ?!

I decided to take a more personal approach to my blog and write about ‘The Mature Student’. The blog will be based on my experiences as I progress through the course. I have started by relating to my previous ventures into study. With the intention of  illustrating how I got into Higher Education.

On the practical side I chose to use Wix as a blog provider. I wanted to use a  platform to differentiate from my course work. I read several reviews and Wix offered what I needed; mainly ease of use. I also liked the choice of themes and the options available. As a more personal blog it works well because it allows me to be creative and show my personality.

The demographics for my blog is fairly wide-ranging. I hope to appeal to anybody who has accessed or is thinking of starting a course as a mature student. I think that because of my age it will probably attract people over 35 who have maybe had similar life experiences. However, the posts will be varied so may be, by using a familiar and informal tone, I will attract some younger viewers.

I aim to keep the blog interesting by minimising the writing and including visuals such as photos and pictographs. Personally, I would not look at someone else’s blog if it was heavy with text. It is for this reason that I chose a simple layout which isn’t cluttered and is easy to the eye. The colour theme of blues and greens reflecting a natural feel.

I have included links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. These are the four main platforms I will use to promote my blog, primarily Facebook. I invite viewers to make comments as feedback is important to make sure I am on the right track. There is also a mailing list and viewer count to check the number of visits.

The blog is still in the initial processes and I have fallen behind in this module. However, now that it is finally up and running I am actually starting to enjoy writing.


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