Video Proposal


For my 2-5 minute video as part of our Creative Futures module I plan on doing a surf video. Hopefully managing to capture the most exciting part of surfing, catching waves.

Depending on the conditions, I plan to shoot most of my film on the beach in Hornsea, where I live. There is a small community of local surfers who tend to hang out at the south beach in a popular spot.

I will use both a Panasonic video camera and a Canon digital SLR to take the shots, with a tripod for stabilization. The video will incorporate various shots taken from different angles. I will then edit the film using the techniques we have learnt on Adobe Premiere Pro. The video will be accompanied by an up-beat punchy track which suits the theme.


To get some tips on shooting surf video I found some amazing footage on YouTube. Unfortunately not many were relevant to filming surf shots in the North Sea in the winter. Also, the equipment that some of the photographers use is much more sophisticated than mine.

I also had to do some research on a daily basis to check out the local surf reports. The waves have been few and far between over the Summer but I was optimistic that Autumn would see a change. Despite the cold conditions, average sea temperature of 8°c, this is a good season for surfing. I checked out to see the tide times, wave heights and conditions in the local area.

I enjoyed the following video by Jeff Dotson, an ‘award winning Visual effects Artist, Photographer & Director’.

What I found particularly inspiring is his passion for surf photography for his own pleasure and not just as a profitable venture. I hope that my enjoyment also comes through in the final video I produce.


I might not go this far to capture the best shots!

Another really awesome video I found was the following film captured in Norway:




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