Surf Video Final Version

Editing List and Timings

  1. 0.00 : Title shot- Still photo of 2 surfers Cayton Bay beach, Scarborough. 10am. Cross dissolve. (used throughout between shots). Music commences.
  2. 0.02: Title shot 2-Set scene. Still photo of swell at Cayton Bay with Scarborough castle in distance.
  3. 0.04.2: Frontal shot, focus on surfer taken from beach level. Cayton Bay.
  4. 0.12.4: North Bay, Scarborough. Cross panning on surfer taken standing on rocks by the sea wall looking across.
  5. 0.28: SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board). Left to right panning on surfer catching a wave.
  6. 0.52: Zoom in to 2 surfers waiting for a wave. Panning focus on 2 surfers and then lone surfer riding towards shore.
  7. 1.11: Distant surfer catches wave.
  8. 1.22: SUP zoom in. 2 surfers catch a small wave. Beach huts in background add colour to the scene.
  9. 1.40: Surfers paddling out, surfer in background catches wave. Focus on surfer in foreground riding towards shore on stomach.
  10. 1.55: Single surfer catches wave and then dives to finish.
  11. 2.05: Change of location and time. Late afternoon, 3.15pm sun going down. South Beach, Scarborough. Shots taken from the beach. Focus on 2 separate surfers.
  12. 2.15: Zoom panning of lone surfer as he catches final wave of the day. Sun setting in background. Taken standing on breakwater.
  13. 2.35: Title shot 3-still photo taken from North Beach.
  14. 2.35: Outtakes. Four final brief clips edited to a few seconds each.
  15. 2.50: Zoom in on lone surfer as he leaves the water at South beach.
  16. 3.04: Title shot 4- credits, cross dissolve, music fades.


This was my final version on Vimeo but I found that there was a lot of camera shake.

I exported the saved file in Premier Pro with settings for Youtube this enabled me to stabilize the finished product which  makes it look  more professional.


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