Audioboom and image upload

Audioboom is a voice recording app useful for interviews, reporting, storytelling or just keeping a record.

It is quick and easy to install and use on your phone. It enables you to record for up to 10 minutes and then edit and save your recordings. What’s more it is absolutely free.

Before recording it is important to establish where the microphone is on your phone and place this as near to the speaker as possible. Also be aware of any potential background noise. The sound waves illustrate the strength of the volume on the recording.

When finished upload it via publish. You can crop and edit your recording. Personalise the recording by adding a photo and embed an audioboom post on your website/blog.


Preparing images for use on websites/blogs

Points to remember before uploading an image:

Name-make sure the name fits the image so you can find it easily.

Size-Large images take a lot longer to load. Scale the image down if possible without ruining the quality. Can use pic-resize or JPEGMini. After uploading you can use YSlow to tell if image had been successfully optimized.

Caption-add a caption if it provides useful information or would enhance image SEO.

Alt text  can be added to an image so there will be a descriptive text if the image isn’t displayed to the visitor. Include SEO keyword relating to image.


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