Reflection on Seymour Hirsh Presentation

I breathed a massive sigh of relief when this was finally over but it was an invaluable learning experience. Looking back, I realise that I spent far too much time on the research behind the project rather than the presentation itself. I did a lot of reading about the subject matter, much of which was not really relevant to the final product. But I did find out some interesting facts and it made me realise just how much Journalism has changed. Personally, I think I prefer the “shoe-leather” approach and the get out there and investigate the heart of a story. Maybe I am 30 years too late in getting into this business!

What I do know is I will be nervous giving presentations no matter how many times I do them. But, the more prepared I go into them the easier they’ll get. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get out of my ‘leave it ’til the last minute’ approach. Which meant I had done the research but didn’t rehearse exactly what I was going to say. I spent more time changing fonts and settings in Power Point than I did on thinking about cue cards or prompts. Resulting in my presentation being somewhat impromptu and waffled. In fact I never even came to any conclusion.

Oh well, on the positive side,  I can safely say that it leaves plenty of room for improvement. Things can only get better!


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