Reflection on Semiotic Analysis

I enjoyed this assignment because the research lead me to discover some interesting websites and information for future reference.

Whilst searching for photos I discovered the 9/11 image when looking at ‘Iconic photos of all time’ on Google. It was interesting to see that the colour has been enhanced in recent images to further highlight the contrasts between the subjects in the foreground and the Twin Towers.

What I also found fascinating was learning about Magnum Photos and looking at some of the inspirational work on their website.

I have included the image below as another example of Thomas Hoepker’s work and because of the similarity in its subject to the 9/11 photo.  I think it helps to reveal more about him as a photographer and his passion for photojournalism in New York.


Downtown Manhattan 1983.

I find the photo rather poignant in light of 9/11 but once again it reflects American society at that time.

I also came across an article in which he was describing photos that were shown of the 9/11 disaster following the event. One photo  “shows a mother bending down to her baby in a cart on a roof in Brooklyn with the column of smoke in the background. It has a similar life-goes-on-quality, but there is a tenderness to the image that is lacking in my shot.”


I had narrowed my choice of photographs for the assignment down to two, the other one being the image below by Zed Nelson:


This was one photograph in  a collection entitled “Gun nation”, looking at the ownership of arms in the U.S.  I found the photo in an article in The Guardian Weekend magazine, 29/06/2016 by Gary Younge and Zed nelson: “America and the gun.”

This intrigued me and lead me to look into the artist behind the photo. I discovered a lot more of his work which I hope to study further. He has done some really interesting photo journalism.



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