Adobe InDesign Lesson 2


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As you can see from the above we learnt how to save a document in jpeg to insert as a slide show on our blog.

We also learnt the following:

Viewing the document

  • using the Pages panel and double-click
  • double -click on individual page icon in the Pages panel to centre that page
  • can also navigate a document using Hand tool , scroll bars and commands. Buttons in lower-left corner.


  • to check for potential errors.
  • to ensure a document is correctly set up for a specific printing process.
  • Window-Output-Preflight.

Viewing and navigating a document

  • to change how a document is viewed can use the Mode button at the bottom of the Tools panel or from the View Options menu. Can display, frame edges, rulers, guides etc
  • By displaying hidden characters such as tabs, spaces and paragraphs helpful in editing and styling text.

Typing and styling text

  • Type tool
  • Select text, edit using Character Formatting icon to change font, font size and spacing

Importing text and threading text frames

  • Choose File-Place to look for a file and double the document ( docx file = Word document) to select. Pointer becomes loaded text icon. Position the document were required and click to add.

Importing, cropping and moving graphics

  • graphics used in InDesign documents are placed inside frames. Use the Selection tool to resize and position the frame

Working with objects

  • move and re-size objects with the Selection tool.
  • can wrap text around an object. Drag object towards text then choose Window-text wrap

Automating formatting with paragraph, character and object styles

  • create custom texts and objects so style remains consistent.
  • select text choose Type-paragraph styles or character styles to change or add styles.



I enjoyed the second lesson and found it useful. I did the exercise several times to familiarise myself with Indesign.  I actually feel as if I am making some progress albeit rather slowly.


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