Visual Identity-Company Guidelines

What is Visual Identity?

Visual identity in marketing a business or product are the visible elements of a brand, such as colour, form, and shape, which convey the symbolic meanings that can’t be expressed through words alone.

The visual identity for a business is often built up of items such as an explicit logo, fonts, color schemes, symbols, which can be developed to represent implicit values, ideas, and even the personality of a company.
 Visual identity of a  brand is symbolic of all the information connected to the company, product or service’s offered. This visual look and feel serves to create associations and expectations among products and services.


In order to understand the importance of visual identity I looked at the guidelines for several well known companies. The research was specifically guidelines with regards to typography. I started by researching VW but the hefty 221 page design style guide put me off.

Instead I found an ‘easier’ example, their guideline is only 36 pages long and very simple to follow:


The Easygroup visual identity takes into consideration the following: naming, the portal logo, business logos, do’s and don’ts, colours, typefaces, pictures and lingo.

The portal logo is included in all of the on-line ‘easy’ businesses. It always appears in Futura typeface. In body text all business names are in Cooper Black font never in bold, italics, outline or underlined.

The colour used is very specific, defined as ‘the perfect combination.’ Orange as a symbol of warmth and optimism.


Copper Black is the brand font for the business name as it is a bold font and easily recognisable. The Futura font has been chosen for communication as it “creates the perfect balance…with its clean and contemporary linear features.”


 Here are some of the do’s and don’ts :


I also looked at Dell brand identity standards. Like the Easygroup they have a very simple colour scheme and a logo that is easily recognisable. Their guidelines with regards typography states: “Typography is a strong extension of our brand personality. We use Museo for Dell as our primary corporate typeface. This modern and approachable typeface helps us communicate ideas simply and confidently.”







This research has enabled me to see the importance of visual identity for a company. I had not realised that there was so much involved. It is interesting to see that the way I perceive company branding is now changing. I look at the choice of colours and typography and can see a reason behind the choices made.

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