News Story


Hornsea Shopkeeper threatened by aggressive thug.

Man in illegal Audi issues death threats.

On the morning of Thursday, November 3rd, an angry man entered ‘Countdown’ store in Hornsea verbally attacking Mr. Alvin Wilkinson,74, the proprietor.

Mr. Wilkinson, saw the man, who has yet to be identified, taking photos of the goods displayed outside his shop. The man then brandished the photos in front of the shopkeeper saying he was taking them to show the council.

When Mr. Wilkinson explained, “the council have given me permission to display goods outside” the man replied, “they won’t when they see these photographs.” He then went on to voice his intentions of “faking a trip and fall” to sue Mr. Wilkinson for “thousands.”

When questioned as to his reasons the man became aggressive.

“I hate your guts,” he said “I don’t know you but I hate you.” He continued to throw abuse.

Mrs. Wilkinson, who witnessed the event, stated, “he was so violently aggressive I feared for my husband’s safety.”

After leaving the shop, Mr. Wilkinson noted the car registration of the offender when he stopped at the Newbegin traffic lights.

Having reported the incident to the police, it was revealed that the vehicle was not registered with the DVLA. Humberside Police are looking for a man driving a silver Audi Quattro described as ‘a Caucasian male, in his forties, dark hair, with a ‘goatie’ beard.’

Any witnesses are being invited to come forward. The investigation is ongoing.


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