An Introduction to Adobe InDesign


As an introduction to InDesign we looked at the workspace, how to use tools and to navigate through a simple layout. My lack of computer literacy meant that the 45 minute lesson took me longer to complete. However, after some trial and error I worked my way through and I have answered the review questions.

I think the most important thing for me is to spend time playing about with the programme to familiarise myself as much as possible.

N.B. Before starting any work it is advisable to verify the workspace settings. The college PC’s have probably been used by someone else who may have personalised their settings. So go to Window-workspace-reset to default or advanced settings.

Review Questions.

What are some ways you can change the magnification of a document?

From the View menu zoom in or out, fir the page to window.

Zoom tool in the Tools panel-click over document.

Keyboard shortcuts-Ctrl + –

Zoom level box in Application bar.

How do you select tools in InDesign?

Click on tool in Tools panel.

Use keyboard shortcuts-these are indicated when scrolling over the tools. Press and hold to temporarily select tool.

What are three ways to display a panel?

Click its icon.

Click its panel.

Chose from Window menu.

How do you create a panel group?

Drag off dock to create free-floating panel drag tab of another panel into tab bar of the free-floating panel. Can be moved and re-sized.


I went through the exercise a couple of times after the initial trial and feel I have finally grasped these basics. It is sometimes more difficult to understand the text than manipulate the programme.





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