Google My Maps

Google My Maps is a useful tool to create customised maps for personal, sharing and publishing on-line. Maps are an engaging way to share data and important context with an audience. With Goole My Maps you can quickly make custom maps and embed them on your website.

There are nine different base styles to chose from. Then all you have to do is add the information. Click on a place to add a marker and then fill in the details, using copy and paste option to include a link. You can also import data from a spreadsheet if their is a large database.

We looked at the events that will take place in January 2017 for the Hull City of Culture. Having created a map with Hull and the suburbs I  looked at the following website: to find the events scheduled for January.

I then added the locations and copied the relevant links in the edit section.

This is only a simple example which was fairly quick and easy to set up. I could have altered the pins to differentiate the events or added a lot more data. However, as an introduction to Google My Maps this was a helpful exercise.


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