Feedback on voxpop

Today in Writing For Purpose with Carmen, as a group activity, we looked at the Voxpops and News stories we had written. It was a useful session as everyone gave feedback and constructive criticism.

The main points that I noted on the Voxpop that I had submitted were:

  • Include details of the participants. Full name, age, profession and address (street name, town).
  • Write the quotations in grammatically correct English and not slang or how the interviewee spoke.
  • Don’t include unnecessary quotations that do not add anything to the article.
  • Make sure that the quotations are understandable when taken out of context.

I haven’t worked on the news article yet so looking at how other stories were presented has given me an insight into what should be included.

An important part of developing our skills as aspiring Journalists is being able to share work, ideas and thoughts. I find it helpful to see the work my peers produce because it enables me to gauge where I am and whether I am heading in the right direction. It is also interesting to see diverging approaches to the tasks we are set.

We are all very different personalities in the group. As we get to know each other, we are starting to see these personalities come out in our writing.


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