Research for photographic essay

Before deciding on my theme for the photographic essay I was looking at websites on Hornsea, which are all extremely basic and do nothing to promote the town. They paint a picture of a sad, neglected seaside town, living in the dark ages.

I decided that I would like to create a series of photos on and around the Hornsea coast which do justice to the natural beauty.

As part of my research I looked at the work of local artist Gavin Prest. He has done some amazing work, which includes images focused on Hornsea beach.

However, his photos are very artistic and I wanted a more natural feel.

I have a dutch friend, Marinus Van Dijke, a visual artist who visited Hornsea in 2014 as part of his ‘Horizons’ project. The piece he did on Hornsea is really interesting. I have taken inspiration from his work.

I also looked into a more philosophical perspective. I was interested in the transient nature of the sea. I came across this book which explores coastal landscapes  with an “awareness of the relationship forged between self and surroundings”.


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