Using various websites to create and find stories.

There are various websites which are invaluable to journalists in order to create and find stories. Three of the most prominent being Linked-in, Instagram and Snapchat.

I have been wading through the numerous sites and blogs in order to see how their tools are useful and tried to include some of the main points.

The following link

illustrates how Linkedin is particularly useful to journalists:

Be in the Know   Professional journalists can join the official LinkedIn for Journalists group. The group discussions consist of LinkedIn news announcements and also tips in regards to how members of the press can use LinkedIn to find story ideas, scoops and sources.

Stay On Top of Your Beat  LinkedIn makes it easy for journalists to follow LinkedIn Company Pages  and stay updated on senior level changes and new hires.

Find the Right Source Fast  LinkedIn Advanced People Search helps you easily uncover experts and sources.


Build Your Network  Busy journalists can easily build their networks and keep them up-to-date by importing contacts  from webmail providers or desktop email applications. Once you’ve done so, your connections can make your job easier.

Get Scoops Delivered to You  Keep track of what people of interest are doing, what’s being announced and who just got promoted at companies you care about. Just make sure you’re connected to the sources you frequently rely on for story ideas.

Get Past “No Comment”   If you’re looking for background info or comment, LinkedIn Company Pages  will show you current and former employees and how you’re connected to them.  LinkedIn Advanced People  Search can also help.

Open the Door to Opportunities  Make sure your LinkedIn Profile  is 100 percent complete. Include keywords like the beats you cover (lifestyle, technology, fashion, etc.) and angles you like to pursue (how to articles, investigative reporting, etc.) in your summary, experience and specialties sections.


Find Freelance Work  Search for the LinkedIn Company Pages of magazine publishers, newspapers or other outlets you’d love to work for. You can easily see if you’re connected to current or former employees through your own network. Check if anyone can introduce you or ask around about freelance opportunities for you.

Promote Your Work  When an article you wrote posts online, insert the link and a quick description in a LinkedIn Status UpdatePair your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts  and those updates can go out to both networks at the same time.


Crowdsource Your Research  Use LinkedIn Groups to find your readers and what they care about.


Instagram and Snapchat have been overlooked by journalists in the past but are becoming increasingly important in the distribution and sourcing  of news.


Instagram is being used by three prominent publishing groups (BBC News, CNN International and La Cronaca Italianato ) to connect with existing audiences and to create new ones:


“A few weeks ago I started writing a post about Snapchat for journalists. It ended up so long that I decided to turn it into a small book”
This quotation by Paul Bradshaw on the following blog sums up how I am feeling about researching this topic. I certainly have a lot to learn in order to  read , then summarize articles into concise, comprehensive note form!



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