Inspirational websites that incite emotion.

This week I have spent a lot of time looking at websites, nothing unusual in that maybe, but for once I haven’t just been browsing or shopping. I have been searching for websites which stand out, are impressive and emotive.

Of the many I looked at I have managed to narrow it down to four. They are all for very different products  aimed at varied audiences. However, they  are similar in that they offer the reader/observer ‘a unique digital experience’.

In looking for emotive websites I was expecting to  discover sites with intense visual content and music to highlight the images. Therefore, as a reader of National Geographic, I was drawn to their websites, mainly for the photographic images (I tend to read the articles if the photos attract me).

However, the following website attracted me not only because of the visual content but the way the factual information is presented.

Whilst promoting the film, the website contains a wealth of sources, photos, video  etc. which are both highly entertaining and informative.!/premiere-screen


The design of the website enables us to make sense of  a subject which is difficult to comprehend. A complex and intriguing historical event is brought back to life and we are lured in by the opportunity to investigate further. This  makes an insightful learning experience.


Whether or not you are interested in music concerts  or architecture the elbphilarmonie website is well worth visiting:!/


Alongside the official website the website was created to give visitors a preview. The opportunity to take a virtual visit of the concert hall and get a feel for the exceptional building and architecture before it opens in Hamburg in January 2017.

The building was designed by Swiss architects Herzog and deMeuren and the construction started almost 10 years ago. With an original estimated cost of €77 million and the expected final price to be up to €789 million the enormity of the project certainly merits an outstanding website.


Following on from the Swiss theme, their reputation for perfectionism, precision and punctuality is highlighted in the website for their national airline


Once again we are invited to take a virtual tour and, like the previous website, we become immersed in a different ‘world’. The use of language  and imagery has been carefully chosen to pique our curiosity, to incite us to look closer and experience ‘a journey of discovery’.

What is important is that each viewer has a unique and personal experience in that they choose the path they take. I was particularly impressed by the visit to the plane’s interior. It almost feels like you are there and can smell the leather seats.


The quality of the website stands out and not only as a marketing tool for Swiss airlines but also for website development and design.


The following website is a promotion for the film “Life of Pie” and is probably more exciting than the movie itself


The music kicks in from the start, smoothly lulling us in so we can imagine the boat floating on the ocean. The attraction of the website is the visual imagery and interactive content. As a promotional websites it certainly captures the attention of the audience.

However, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, it contains a lot of interesting  facts and information.  In particular the following link about the making of the film!/



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